Friday, 8 June 2012

womagwriter's blog: Public Lending Right petition

womagwriter's blog: Public Lending Right petition: Please take a look at this petition to protect the organisation which handles Public Lending Right in the UK, and sign it if you agree with...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It's been a busy time since my last post, with birthdays and a funeral and life in between! Life definitely gets in the way of writing. My daughter Poppy, at the tender age of 5 will be making her first entrance into the world of writing very soon. She is having a review of a Babar the Elephant book published in the next issue of Anorak magazine for children. I shall post as soon as I receive a copy.

I've started work on another children's book. This time I'm aiming to have it ready for The Greenhouse Literary Agency competition, who are looking for something humorous. I'm surprised I've never actively attempted humour seeing as my biggest inspiration to write from an early age was Roald Dahl.

I must go and finish my writing for Wombourne Writer's Group tonight. I've had a month and as usual it's a last minute affair!

For a bit of inspiration here's Roald Dahl's writing chair...